4 hours


Suitable for

Those whose work requires them to assist people to take their medication and who wish to have a wider knowledge of the medications which their service-users need.

Mandatory training under the CSCI regulations.


By the end of their training, delegates should be able to:

  • know what drugs are and how they work
  • understand the main groupings of medicines and drugs
  • appreciate the legal classification of medicines – duty of care, regulation and licensed administration
  • understand the drug audit trail
  • know the types of medication used by their service-users and their application
  • appreciate the side-effects and adverse reactions associated with drugs
  • use correct handling and storage of medicines
  • know about drug errors and how and why they can occur, and what to do if they do
  • practise general guidelines for safe administration and recording of drugs

Expiry Date of Certificate

Needs updating regularly  

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